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Teaching Philosophy

My goal as an educator is to develop students’ transferable skills and fundamental knowledge through inclusive and accessible pedagogy. To achieve my goal, I incorporate universal design for learning in my teaching and use a reflective process to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of my teaching.

Current Courses

Taught at Utah State University

ENGR 2010-002

Engineering Statics

Engineering statics is the first course of the engineering mechanics series. In this course, students begin to build important engineering skills (e.g., problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication) while they explore static equilibrium.

EED 7040-001

Qualitative Research Methods for Engineering Education

Qualitative research methods involve the collection and analysis of non-numerical data such as interviews, observations, images, and text. Qualitative research requires a deep understanding of and experience with methodologies and their methods. Students learn about qualitative research design and gain experience with collecting and analyzing qualitative research.

Past Courses

Taught at the University of Nevada, Reno

Introduction to Writing Research

Writing research requires skill and experience. This course focused on how to write about the three main research methods: quantitative research, qualitative research, and mixed methods. Students also learned about presenting their research for effective communication.

Instrumentation for Mechanical Engineering

Instrumentation refers to the equipment and application of sensors that give information about systems. Students learn about different sensors, data collection methods, troubleshooting, and data anlaysis through a variety of experiments.

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