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Research Projects

NeurDy Engineer

The aim of this project is to characterize what it means to be a neurodivergent student in engineering by identifying neurodivergent strengths and challenges. As engineering education becomes available to more diverse students, the field still lacks an understanding of neurodivergent (e.g., autistic, ADHD, anxiety) student experiences and how to incorporate inclusive pedagogy for such populations.


This project aims to collaborate with high school STEM teachers to develop and integrate engineering activities that incorporate math and science concepts in the classroom. Throughout the project, the research team will collaborate with GEAR-UP high school teachers in Utah to learn the current math and science curricula. The research team will then develop and co-teach engineering activities.

Upcoming: Gamification of Learning in Statics

Engineering students' first engineering course is Statics which serves as a critical point in engineering programs. Students tend to drop out of engineering programs after taking statics due to the challenging course load typically scheduled during this semester and the application of math and science to real-world problems. The gamification of learning is a framework that adds game elements to the classroom. This project aims to develop and integrate a gamified learning structure into the statics classroom.

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