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Graduate Students


Sakshi Solanki

Sakshi Solanki is a PhD student (started Spring 2022) in the Engineering Education department at Utah State University. She earned a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a master's degree in Data Science and Power System Engineering. She is currently working with Dr. Marissa Tsugawa on the NeurDy Engineer project. She chose this topic because Neurodiversity can help her better understand her younger brother's condition (Asphyxiation) and respond to his basic needs because his mind works differently from everybody else’s due to which he is not able to express his feelings and pain. She also has data analysis and validation experience from her work as a Data Analyst Intern during Data Science program, where she got an opportunity to evaluate and validate the company's huge data using Excel, Python, and R. 

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Autumn Cuellar

Autumn Cuellar is pursuing a PhD degree in Engineering Education at USU. Before coming here, she lived in Nevada and went to the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). At UNR school, Autumn earned both a Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science and Engineering. These degrees inspired research interests in Robotics, HRI,  and Engineering Education. Besides academics, Autumn loves Theatre and Musical Theatre. She used to take Theatre classes for all four years of high school. Autumn is working on the NeurDy Engineer project.


Leslie Brown

Leslie Brown is a Master's Student in the Department of Engineering Education at Utah State University.

Undergraduate Students

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Sarah Principato (REU 2022)

NeurDy Engineer

Sarah Principato is an Undergraduate student at Drake university pursuing degrees in Secondary Education, Mathematics for Education, and  Mathematics. Sarah is from a small suburb outside of Chicago, in Illinois.  Her research interests lie in making STEM academics more accessible for the Neurodivergent community. This research interest has sprouted from the fact that she is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder; she leverages this personal experience in her research pursuits. A fun fact about Sarah: she has been playing the upright bass since 2010, and has gone on record saying, "Music is pretty cool!"

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Brady Webster (REU 2022)

NeurDy Engineer

Brady Webster is an Undergraduate Student studying Integrated Engineering at Iron Range Engineering through Minnesota State University, Mankato. Brady is from the Northern Virginia area outside Washington, D.C. His current areas of interest are making engineering education accessible for the Neurodivergent community as well as utilizing the concepts of continuous improvement to engineering education and engineering project teams, specifically, leadership. Being diagnosed later in life with ADHD (Inattentive Presentation) and Generalized Anxiety, Brady utilizes different experiences outside of the neurodivergent community and now inside of the community to conduct research from different perspectives. Brady enjoys running D&D campaigns for friends, strategy games, and has an eclectic taste in music.

Traditional Library

Spencer Johnson

Undergraduate Teaching Fellow

Spencer Johnson is an undergraduate student at Utah State University pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is originally from Orem, UT. He currently works as an Undergrad Teaching Fellow in the engineering statics course at USU.  His teaching and research interests include developing more effective feedback to give to students. A fun fact about Spencer is that he is really interested in anatomy and physiology outside of engineering and asked for an anatomy textbook for Christmas.

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